Those who can’t.

Right, class, let’s get settled
you should all write down the date
underline it – and the title –
hurry up, now, Jake – you’re late.

Take those out your ears, now
there’s lots to do today.
We really should get started –
that phone can go away.

You all should have a worksheet.
Here, take one, pass them back.
Chloe, leave her hair alone.
Jon, keep that spare for Jack.

So, let’s read through that first bit
Who knows what Torah means?
Stop playing with the blinds, Christoph
and Joe, are those black jeans? 

No talking in the corner there.
Don’t make me ring your mum.
You’ll find the answer on your sheets –
Rae-Ann, spit out your gum.

Yes, Denise, what is it? 
You left your book at home.
Who packed your bag before you left?
Scott, leave Lorraine alone.

No you can’t go to the toilet, Steph –
we’ve only just begun
and i don’t believe you need to.
So. Torah? Anyone?

I include it here in all it’s unedited glory. I don’t love it – it’s not my usual style (although I’m not sure I’ve decided what that is quite yet), but it was fun to play around with rhymes for a change. What I loved about the criticism from the group this evening, was that everything they queried was something I’d thought about changing and then not – which must mean I’m on the right track with something.


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