Puppetry in motion

As I fell asleep last night, having completed the first draft of my current novel, I had a sudden revelation about how I could spend the extra time I will have. After Christmas, I hope to be learning to play a musical instrument… but for now I needed to find something else to do.

And so, I pulled out an old project that I had started so years ago. Perhaps I even started it before I was married, I know we’ve carted it around in a box, and had it stored under the bed for some time.

I think I had intended sometime to use it in lessons, though I am unlikely to do that now. The project? A Mouth Puppet, similar to a muppet, made of felt.

Check out the slideshow, if you’re interested in seeing the work in progress. I’m pretty chuffed with it.

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But now I have to find myself something else to do. Something other than editing the Novel. Which I don’t really know how to do…


Why I love Vodafone

The husband says I’m an advertiser’s DREAM. I don’t go much in for following brands, but when I find one I love I love them passionately and without reason (much like I love the husband). I love Vodafone.

I have loved Vodafone since their advertising slogan was all about Vodafone Moments – those moments that truly connect people. I had my own Vodafone moment on the top of a mountain somewhere in the pouring rain, when the Best Friend phoned to tell me she was getting married. I couldn’t have been happier (although I could have been a lot warmer). Even when the iPhone originally came out, and I really wanted one, I refused to leave my lovely Vodafone waiting, instead, until I could find some to hack an old iPhone of the Husband’s so I could use that.

Today, I love Vodafone because of the girl at the Wimbledon shop who took my broken baby iPhone (dropped on the ground and smashed into pieces) and sent it off to be repaired. (See? That’s why I pay the insurance… I put the last iPhone through the washing machine earlier this year. Duh). Then, seeing I was due an upgrade, she sent me home with a brand new iPhone 4S and the advice “When the insurance people send you back a new phone – which they almost certainly will – you can sell it on. We buy them back for £89, but you’d get a much better price somewhere else, so I’d shop around”. She even told me not to buy a cover with white bits round the camera, because it gives the flash photos and funny glare.

I love Vodafone. They rock.