[Fiction] Friday


Write Anything’s Fiction Challenge is a great place to find regular creative writing exercises, and just have a bit of fun with your writing. I’m hoping to give this week’s a go – although I might not get a chance to post it this Friday.

This week’s challenge: Why did the Tooth Fairy fail to deliver coins one evening?
Maybe you want to have a go?
How To Play:
1. Check the website for the weekly challenge.
2. Write for a minimum of 5 minutes… AND THEN KEEP GOING!
3. NO editing.
4. On Friday, post it to your blog.
5. Go back to Write Anything and leave the link to your post using the “Mr Linky”.
6. Visit other’s posts and leave constructive comments.
7. Use Twitter (with our hashtag of #fictionfriday) or Facebook etc to tell your network about the stories posted up.
8. Do it again next week!