Masking Magnolia

We’ve lived in this house for nearly two years. We’ve never painted it, so we struggle everyday with the awful cream (Magnolia? Really?) that the previous tenants loved so much they used it in every single room. Over the years, P and I have accumulated a number of pictures and frames, promising ourselves one day we’d have the perfect ones, and then we could put them up on the wall.
Today, we admitted the truth and just decided to put up the ones we had, and to hell with perfection! And, really, I think it turned out good.
We’ve got four others to come back from the framers next weekend, but for now, at least they detract from the awful walls…

Also, if you look carefully, while wandering down our corridor, you might spot our little pet, Neruda, who travelled back with us from Mexico, and can now be found lurking menacingly – ready to pounce on intruders!



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