Secret Songs

My iPhone plays songs on random most of the time, except when I need a particular playlist to match my mood. Today, walking home from school through the park, an old favourite popped up and despite myself I smiled and sang along (loudly in a street in South London – interesting choice).
It’s a song that came out during my first year at Lampeter, maybe a little before, and for over a year it was the only song that got me out of bed in the morning. Or, more accurately, to the bar in the evening. Now I know it’s not a good song. I know that it drove my neighbours crazy. I know that really, it was not the kind of song you’d expect a virginal Theology student and vicar’s daughter to listen to. But I loved it. The only song that could guarantee I’d lose my place at the bar, just to dance to. I won’t tell you here which song it was, suffice it to say none of you would be seen DEAD listening to it, unless you had to – and that it was the inspiration for ‘Union Barbie’ if any readers can remember her.
Above is one of the only pictures of me I can find on the internet from our days at Uni. A time before mobile phones, digital cameras or facebook. A simpler time, when you could pop in to see a friend without planning it months in advance, and lie around without a TV putting the world to rights. I miss that.


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