NaNoWriMo. Day Seven.

Wordman tells me that he wouldn’t be telling people if he were writing a novel in 30 days, that he wouldn’t be updating his facebook status every thousand words, that he wouldn’t be sharing the day’s WORST WORDS with so many people. He says he’d be paranoid that by telling people, it would hex it somehow and the novel would never get done.
I do it for the exact opposite reason. The idea behind telling people the massive task I have decided to undertake, is that I will have to continue with it, even when (like today) I REALLY DON’T WANT TO. Because I have told them all I’m doing it, and I hate to look like an idiot.
This isn’t entirely true, however. The real reason I am constantly updating my facebook status to include all the words I have written that day is because I am doing nothing at all with my days but work and write, and because facebook is a fantastic way to procrastinate while still sitting in the study trying to prove to the Husband that I am writing.


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