I like to ride my bicycle…

My bicycle and I are still getting to know one another. Sometimes I worry she and I are both a little too preoccupied with all the smiles and waves we get when she is wearing her basket, so today we cycled into Wimbledon without it. She looks a little bare without the rambling roses she wears in her hair (basket), but that’s all set to change when her new accessories arrive in the post over the next few days. It’s important to me that she stands out from the crowd. A part of me wants to get myself a name in the neighbourhood: That crazy bike woman of the Wood. She’ll be a beautiful bike when she’s finished and all will be in favour of her style, yes. I’ll be proud of her, anyway.

The speed we’re travelling on our rides might not be up to the Husband’s IronMan speed, but it’s a pretty good workout, as well as being a fab way to enjoy those early days of Spring. I like the freedom of being on a bike, and the good, old fashioned innocence of it all. One of the plusses of being on a Dutch-style bike is the amount of room you take up on the road, it makes me feel safer somehow. I’m still not up to tackling some of the crazier roads around, but I’m getting a little more confident (and wearing my helmet, yes, mum).

It’s a beautiful day out. Spring is definitely on it’s way, which makes everything feel a little happier. A reminder that everything passes and everything changes. Today is a good day.

I have named my bike. I name most of my favourite items, my iPhone is Ermintrude, and the MacBook is Dougal. Throughout this blog I have left 5 clues as to the name of my pretty new friend. Can you spot them all? Extra points if you can reference them without the use of Google!
Answers on a Twitter Postcard, or Facebook me!
(The winner will receive a signed photo of the bike herself – easy now!)


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