Hidden Talents

It seems ridiculous to me now, how many years I spent thinking the talents I wanted to pursue weren’t ones which I should do. When I was younger, I danced. I loved Ballet most of all and dreamed of being sent off to a Ballet Academy and becoming a prima ballerina. Perhaps my parents were right to squash this dream, I’m not sure I’m really built for the ballet and I’m pretty lazy, really. Certainly, when my mum said “Look, you’ll have to chose between ballet and boys” it wasn’t a really difficult decision. I quit dancing when I first fell in love with someone other than Tchaikovsky.

Writing, my other passion, was always something secret and almost too indulgent. A little like hiding in your room and eating an entire box of chocolates. I never believed I could do it as a career, and so I didn’t even bother to try. That is changing now, of course.

Because of this, I am always really impressed with people who follow their dreams, even when it might be terrifying, or might bite them in the arse.

I’ve come across a few friends like this in the last week. Firstly, my old teaching mentor and head of department, who recently came second in the Funny Women Awards 2011. Her stand up was excellent and, if you ever get a chance to see her, you’ll understand why I was so terrified of her giving me feedback after observing my lessons!

Then, there was the Wordman, who snuck off to a poetry reading while I wasn’t looking and delivered one of his most beautiful poems. He’s a natural. Watch out for him! (I have another friend who had a Spoken Word set at Bestival this year. Ouch!)

Finally, I came across Upcoming Rapper – Velocity (you can find him on facebook). A student mentioned him in class today and told me to look him up on YouTube. I used to be his tutor. I’m not sure whether to be really proud, or a little terrified… I’ve decided to stick with proud.

I am surrounded by creative people these days. I have often been intimidated by the Creatives. But, given how I’m enjoying the novel writing, I’m going to try being one of them, instead.


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