A house is not a home

Project guinea pig continues. These pigs (when we eventually go out and get some) are going to have a better home than I do!

Today, still waiting for the corrugated plastic which should arrive on Monday, I set about decorating a couple of hidey-holes for the little guys. I started with some very simple wooden huts which I bought online.

Then, using a paint I was assured was pet-friendly and wouldn’t cause too many problems if it got chewed a little, I made them my own. If, when we get the pigs, they decide they like to chew them a little too much, I’ll probably take them out – not sure I like the idea of them eating paint, however ‘safe’ it is.

But paint alone does not a home make. So I decorated them, too, using little wooden embellishments, painted to match.

A good morning’s work. Now to wash the paint out of my hair (don’t ask!).


One comment on “A house is not a home

  1. Jo says:

    Oooooooh 🙂

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