An organised crafter…

… is a less stressy crafter.

Hand-decorated thread drawers

Hand-decorated thread drawers

Also, it makes the Husband happier, and I won’t find myself covered in embroidery thread when I’m halfway to the pub.
To get this beautiful chest of craft drawers, I decorated a set of blank wooden craft drawers (probably from eBay, or somewhere, I can’t remember) with acrylic paint and some sticky backed fabric (I thought it looked easy to use. It wasn’t. Next time I’ll just use paper like a normal person).
The knobs are a little bigger than the ones that came with the drawers, but they mostly broke when I tried to forcefully detach them.
I like the pattern, and I quite like the green, too.

Close up of the fabric pattern

Close up of the fabric pattern

In the spirit of organising myself, I needed a better way of organising my threads. So I downloaded this printable from Wild Olive, which is one of the most fun things I’ve seen in a while. I printed the bobbins out on thick photo paper, because I didn’t have any card, but they work just perfectly. Aren’t they the friendliest bobbins you’ve ever seen??

Wild Olive Bobbins

Wild Olive Bobbins

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