Itchin’ to be Stitchin’

I heart the Doctor

I heart the Doctor

I’m not sure what it was that brought me back to cross-stitching. I know I tried it out as a child and – back to that patience thing again – I couldn’t ever finish anything. I think it was seeing this pattern as I searched for all things Doctor-related that made me think I could pick it up again. WeeLittleStitches makes cross stitch cool again. And if cross-stitch is cool, then someone as cool as me should be doing it, right? (also, I have tried knitting and crocheting and I SUCK, so I needed something else to be doing at those Stich and Bitches).

Cross stitch has become, not just a hobby, but a bit of an obsession. I overheard a girl in the craft store the other day explaining that she was taking up cross stitch to give up smoking. I wish I had thought of this before I got good enough to stitch and smoke simultaneously (whilst also drinking cups of tea). Cross-stitching is all-consuming. You can lose yourself in it. On occasion I have looked up to see that it is gone midnight, and I haven’t moved for several hours.

Castle on the Hill cross stitch

Castle on the Hill cross stitch

What’s more – with wonderful software downloadable from the internet – you can cross stitch ANYTHING. The above is a pattern I created myself from a drawing by my beautiful friend Purrr. She intended it as a stain-glass style colouring print out, I put it into a cross-stitch pattern maker online, and there it was! It’s not finished in this picture, it needs some more blues and greens, but it’s getting there.

The Sunshrieks

The Sunshrieks

For the Husband’s birthday (which I, unforgivably, forgot about until he mentioned it 3 days before) I stitched up a little pixelpair of us. Using MacStitch, it’s easy enough to create your own designs, even if you lack any artistic talent, as I do.

I have another few that are finished, but that I can’t show publicly at the moment as they’re presents for people over the coming months. Check back here for updates, soon!


One comment on “Itchin’ to be Stitchin’

  1. Oh my!! These are gorgeous. *Big smiles* can’t wait to see the finished Castle (no pressure!) xxx

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