Doll making for Aunties… cont.

The first doll I ever finished

The first doll I ever finished

The first doll I ever finished looked pretty cute. Okay, so her arms were a little wonky, and I pulled her eyes a little tight. But I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself. What was missing, however, was the weight I was looking for. I wanted a chunky, heavy doll and this little thing was far from that.

I’d heard about Waldorf dolls before. Their chunky heads, and expressionless faces were originally intended for home-schooling in the Waldorf fashion. The fact that they aren’t smiling is supposed to encourage a child to exercise their imagination more. This doll can be happy, sad, angry, silly, depending on the wishes of the child. What’s great about these dolls, is that they have such fat, little heads. I like fat, little heads – as my youngest niece would tell you if she could.

I dutifully studied websites and tutorials. I bought this book on Amazon. I even went here and bought the materials I would need. But Waldorf dolls and I, it seems, weren’t meant to be. In part, this is because – again – I lack any patience. Also, I’d never used a sewing machine before and that material is pretty damn stretchy. Anyway, for all my love of the idea behind these dolls, it just wasn’t happening.

Which is when I came across WeeWonderfuls. The book is a dream – full of ideas for making dolls, and other softies. But the downloadable pattern of Kit, Chloe and Louise, (available on the website) is what really made me smile.

The pattern is simple enough, but the doll at the end is chunky, with weight, and with the cutest, fat, almost-square head. Something about this really appealed.

And so, I set to work… at one point I had 4 dolls on the go at once, almost a factory line, so that, eventually, each of my nieces might have their own doll from Aunty Sunshriek. I think, perhaps, the process needs its own post… I’m still getting the hang of inserting pictures into my text.




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